Sierra Wireless Airlink Pinpoint XT

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The AirLink PinPoint XT modem is a compact, rugged, intelligent asset tracking device ideally suited for vehicle tracking, fleet management and telematics solutions. With an extruded aluminum case and small form factor the PinPoint XT modem can be discreetly installed in various locations within a vehicle with minimal risk of damage from extreme temperatures and vibration.

Robust Intelligence

Embedded with ALEOS, the robust intelligence available only on the Sierra Wireless line of AirLink devices, the Airlink PinPoint XT offers customers simplified installation and provisioning, persistent connection maintenance and remote management and control via the AceWare suite of remote management, configuration and diagnostics tools.

By leveraging the highly efficient location based services protocol feature built into ALEOS, third-party application providers can more thoroughly integrate GPS tracking applications with the Airlink PinPoint XT modem, including digital and analog input status, odometer readings, low power state information, and network signal strength. This feature enables seamless incorporation of both location and event data into any 3rd party application.

Events Reporting

To support comprehensive vehicle telemetry, the Airlink PinPoint XT features a full suite of I/O ports, including four digital inputs, three analog inputs and two relay outputs.

By using AceWare, which has been enhanced to support the new event reporting feature of ALEOS, administrators can configure when data is collected and transmitted based on the occurrence of exceptions (e.g. Speed thresholds, doors open/close, etc.).

The enhanced events reporting feature allows an administrator to configure ALEOS to detect when exceptions occur and send communication via SMS or e-mail to the proper personnel.

Sierra Wireless Airlink Pinpoint XT applications and uses include Fleet Management, Automatic Vehicle Location, Asset Tracking, and Vehicle Telemetry.


ALEOS embedded intelligence
Event reporting
Serial Port Through optional accessory harness
Mini-USB port
Multiple I/O for vehicle telematics
Small form factor
Mil Spec 810-F for shock, vibration, and temperature
High sensitivity GPS receiver
Status LEDs


Remote monitoring, control, management and diagnostics
Real-time exception based reporting
Vehicle telemetry
Small form factor allows flexible installation options
Robust integration with 3rd party application providers


76 mm x 27 mm x 121 mm
317 grams